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August 5, 2004 Jazz Blog 3 Comments

New flugelhorn

jupiter flugelhornI went ahead and purchased a new Jupiter 846RL flugelhorn. I've had it now for two days. Check out my updated equipment page for pictures and more information.

I recall reading/hearing that some people find cornets to be easier to play, in part because the bell is closer and you can hear yourself more clearly. I never gave it much thought, though, until now. My flugelhorn is only a few inches shorter than my trumpet, but perhaps due to the larger bell, I feel more connected to the sound. My playing seems more centered and precise.

This precision was most noticeable in a jam session I had tonight, with Chuck Mangione; or more precisely, with his recording of "Feels So Good" (oh come on… I bet you did the same thing when you got your first flugelhorn!).

I've never tried playing along to the recording, but when I put it on tonight, I was really close in accuracy. I even managed to punch out some of the higher notes (no, not the high D). And you know what? It felt so good... ;-)

Update: If you're considering this horn, you may want to read Flugelhorn - gone for repairs and Flugelhorn - it's back!.

Updated 12/5/05: It's gone...

I can't believe I've just discovered your site... it's great :-)

My flugel is a Jupiter 846RL too. I can't say that I came home after buying it a jammed with Mr Mangione. But I did play some Kenny Wheeler in the shop.

Look forward to reading your site. If you're interested you can check out my audioblog at http://etnobofin.blogspot.com

Comment by Rick

Hey there, I checked out your site and added it to the jazz blog section on my LINKS page.

Thanks for visiting!


Comment by guy

Hey guys,

if the pro oils don't work try using a cheaper thicker oil. Pro oil and the Hybrid is meant for horns with really tight valves like Monnette and Schilke. The Jupiter does not fall into that category. I had the same problem once with my horn and got this same advise from a friend and stopped having sluggish valves


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