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March 16, 2006 About Me 3 Comments

Recording equipment

recording infoI'm posting the following because several people have asked about my recording equipment:

  • Microphone: Shure SM57
  • Recording Software: GarageBand
  • Computer: MacBook Pro Laptop
  • Digital/Analog Converter: M-Audio FireWire Solo

The microphone plugs into the left channel of D/A converter and I plug my iPhone into the right channel (the iPhone plays the play-a-long track). The D/A converter's output then plugs into the firewire port of my laptop. GarageBand does the actual recording which I then export into an mp3 to share on this website.

There are plenty of other applications you can use to record, many of which are cheap or free. Audacity, for example, is free, runs on a variety of operating systems, and is open source.

Note: the above represents my setup since 2008. Prior to that I used a Windows computer to record, with CubaseSL as the recording software.

Comment by Stanton

Hi Rick,

I'm also thinking to start recording my trumpet play like you're doing here. What kind of equipment would be easy to begin with? I have a microphone and a laptop, but I don't have any equipment to mix my play with some play-a-long.

Comment by Rick

Hi Stanton,

Some applications allow you to "monitor" tracks while recording. Cubase, for example, has this feature. If you find software that will do this, you can pre-record the play-a-long track and have the application play that track while you record a second track with your trumpet.

Perhaps other people will have suggestions.


Comment by toni amengual

hi everyone,

as i'm working with computers all day and i get tired of it, i decided to buy a non-digital recorder, a sony analogic recorder MV-575V - microcassette-corder. For me its quicker to record and hear the results of my playing. Anyway, you get better results with a laptop, Cubase and a good microphone.

A month before purchasing the recorder, i tried to record myself with a small mp3 machine but the sound was terrible - well, i can't make my trumpet sound like a Kind of Blue's solo either ;)

greetings from Spain

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