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September 15, 2005 Jazz Blog 2 Comments

Ear trainer update - repeated loops

Online ear trainer - click to try!This weekend I added repeated loops to my online ear trainer. I've been testing it for a few days and it seems to work well enough to release.

You can read more about this new feature (and inversions) in the NEW FEATURES section of the ear training page.

Comment by Tonio

I've already send you a mail...But, again..your site is so great, congratulations !

I use your ear trainer everay day and i'm making huge progress !!

A french "iwasdoingwrightt" fan...

ps : do you think it is possible to put a " random chord " exercice (ex : Dbmaj7 - Cm9 ) to your programm ?

Hey there, Tonio-

The ear trainer actually does have random chords. The extensions only go as high as 7th, but I do think it satisfies your request. Just go to the Intervals & Chords tab, select some chords types, inversions, and then setup your loop in the (play) Mode box.

I just put up a new version of the ear trainer which includes repeats in the loops. See the NEW FEATURES section of the ear trainer page for details.

I will probably add a new Chord Progression tab in the future, where you can hear common chord progressions in random keys, but that's at least a few months away...

Thanks for writing!


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