Ear Training - August 6, 2004

Ear trainer - random melodies

The latest version of my Ear Trainer includes random melody generation! This new feature is a great way to strengthen your ability to play by ear. See the updated "exercises" section for more details.

I have several additions and improvements in mind for future versions, but with this recent version I'm finally pleased with its overall feature set.

I should also mention that it is only *lightly* tested at this point. While there are some oddities that I do know about, I think it should be fairly stable. If you happen to find something that simply doesn't work, please let me know.

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Ear Training

Ear training is extremely important for understanding and creating music. Unfortunately, it's also typically absent from early stages of mainstream music education. I created some ear training tools to help improve my skills. Hopefully, these tools and my experiences will strengthen your aural skills as well.

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